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Hello, I am Robyn Noble Powell.  I'm the founder and COO of Just Bee Helpin' (formerly known as The Helper Bee, LLC).


The meaning and inspiration Behind the Bee: The Bee symbolizes Community, Brightness & Personal Power.  One of our foundational quotes (and inspirations) is "Our greatest successes in life are often found in helping others succeed."-Joshua Becker

I love helping people achieve their goals: You want to bee a great parent AND run a successful business? Let's do it!  Tell me how I can help you maintain a great work/life balance.

I find joy in connecting clients with local small businesses:  Many people shop online at places like Amazon and Wal-Mart because these stores provide one-stop shopping. They don't have time to run from store-to-store to pick up the items they need. This is where I come in; let me do the running around for you! I can save you valuable time and you can focus on the people and things you love.

I have a degree in Business Administration, and I have been an Administrative Assistant / Office Coordinator for 21+ years: For 10 of those years, I've also been volunteering my administrative skills to help small businesses and grass roots organizations go and grow! That being said, how may I BEE of HELP to you?

For more information about Just Bee Helpin' (formerly known as The Helper Bee, LLC), visit our press page here.

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