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We are here to assist The Busy Bee, The Lazy Bee, The Honey Bee, and The Golden Bee.

The Busy Bee: When you don't have time to run that errand, need some help around the office, or an extra set of hands for an event or project.

The Lazy Bee: When you just don't feel like getting out and about.

The Honey Bee: When you want to surprise your loved ones, friends or staff with something sweet and unique.

The Golden Bee: When you are enjoying your golden years and don't have time for the small stuff.  Or you're a homebound or limited mobility individual still holding on to your freedom and just need a little help to keep living independently.

We provide the following errand running, day of assistance, and concierge services for your personal or business needs: 

  • Pick up / Drop off Services (groceries, prescriptions, dry cleaning, mail/packages, etc.)

  • Shopping Services (purchasing, delivering, and exchanges/returns)

  • Courier Services (fast and secure delivery of documents, packages, gifts, etc.)

  • Day of Assisting Services (events, projects, office, kitchen, etc.) 

  • Mobile Notary Services (Mississippi only)

*Rates vary

*Mileage fees may apply

If you would like a quote, or you don't see what you're looking for, contact us and we will BEE happy to discuss your needs.  

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